Friday, September 23, 2011

California Governor Signs (Possibly Temporary) Affiliate Nexus Law Repeal

As we wrote recently, on September 9, the California legislature passed AB 155, which repeals (for at least the next year) the affiliate nexus provisions of the affiliate nexus law (ABX 1-28) enacted in June. The repeal may be only temporary, because the new law provides that if federal legislation overturning Quill Corp. v. North Dakota is not adopted by July 31, 2012, or if such legislation is adopted, but California does not implement the federal law’s requirements by September 14, 2012, then the affiliate nexus provisions of the repealed law, with some modifications described in our prior post, will kick back in on January 1, 2013, under the terms of AB 155.

Although Governor Brown reportedly had some misgivings regarding AB 155, he signed the bill into law earlier today. The law is effective immediately, so for now, California no longer has an affiliate nexus law. Whether federal legislation will be enacted and whether California will implement any such law’s requirements remains to be seen…

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