Friday, July 1, 2011

California Adopts New Nexus Statute

On Tuesday, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law California’s new nexus legislation.  The law, which took effect immediately, expands the scope of activities requiring out-of-state retailers to collect and remit California sales and use tax by expanding the definition of “retailer engaged in business” in California.

The newly amended section 6203 of the California Revenue and Tax Code provides that a retailer engaged in business in the State includes any retailer that:
  • has substantial nexus with the State within the meaning of the Commerce Clause;
  • is a member of a commonly controlled group of corporations that includes another member which performs services for the out-of-state retailer in California (including the design and development of TPP sold by the out-of-state retailer or the solicitation of sales on behalf of the out-of-state retailer); or
  • enters into an agreement under which a person in California refers potential customers to the out-of-state retailer via the internet or other means in exchange for a commission or other consideration.