Friday, August 26, 2011

Performance Marketing Association Suit Challenging Illinois Affiliate Nexus Law Now in State Court

On July 27, the Performance Marketing Association (“PMA”) filed a complaint in the Illinois Circuit Court for Cook County, challenging the new Illinois “affiliate nexus” law (“HB 3659”). In the complaint, the PMA asserts the same claims first raised in its complaint filed in the United States District Court in Chicago on June 1. As detailed in the complaint, the PMA alleges that HB 3659 violates the Commerce Clause and impermissibly discriminates against electronic commerce in violation of the Internet Tax Freedom Act (“ITFA”).

In connection with filing the suit in state court, the PMA has voluntarily dismissed the federal court action.  The voluntary dismissal will prevent a protracted dispute with the Defendant, the Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue, regarding whether the federal court has jurisdiction over the case. Brann & Isaacson attorneys George Isaacson and Matt Schaefer are counsel to the PMA in the case.

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