Friday, May 27, 2011

May News Roundup: Michigan Repeals MBT; Louisiana Proposes Click-Through Nexus Legislation

On Wednesday, Governor Snyder signed into law Michigan’s new corporate income tax, which will replace the Michigan Business Tax. The new corporate income tax, effective January 1, 2012, uses a single factor (sales) for apportionment purposes and has a flat rate of 6%. However, despite the repeal of the MBT, the new corporate income tax will retain the economic nexus standard of $350,000 in gross receipts, which we have written about previously here. Any business with a physical presence of at least one day in the state would also be required to report the corporate income tax. Unlike the MBT, however, P.L.86-272 applies to the tax and provides some protections, as we have most recently written about here. Internet sellers and direct marketers should consult their tax counsel regarding the significance of the new tax and its impact on their businesses.

In other news, this week, the Louisiana legislature threw its hat into the ring of states proposing click-through nexus laws with H.B. 641. We have written previously about nexus-expanding legislation throughout the country here and here. Although Vermont and Texas legislatures recently passed their own versions of the law, as of this writing, the governor in each state has yet to sign the bill. We will keep you posted as developments arise.

Have a safe and festive Memorial Day, all!

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