Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maine Voters Repeal Tax Legislation

Although some votes remain to be counted, it now seems clear that Maine voters have repealed tax legislation in a statewide referendum held yesterday. In a quirk of Maine law, under the State’s Constitution, voters are able to act as a fourth branch of the State’s government by introducing “people’s veto referenda” to repeal previously enacted legislation.

Last Spring, the State enacted tax reform legislation that lowered income tax rates and expanded the sales and use tax to new goods and services, while increasing the meals and lodging tax. The effective date of the legislation was stayed pending yesterday’s vote on the referendum. With over 70% of precincts now reporting in, the referendum seeking repeal of the new law is projected to win approval, and thus it appears none of the provisions of the new law will become effective. Tax professionals can hold off updating their Maine tax research for now…

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